for Radical Transformation Series

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And together we can do it better than we ever imagined alone.

This handbook exists to bridge the gap between social activism and personal transformation work. In it you will find practical steps for connecting to your own life’s purpose and making a bigger impact in the world.

Download it for free, read it, use it, share it, and write to us to let us know how it could be even more helpful for you and your communities.


Once in a while, when the light is just right, you can catch a glimpse of it from the corner of your eye. It is there in the violet glow of dawn, in those still moments where the shapes of dreams spill over into waking life. It’s there in the brief moments when eyes meet on a crowded train, familiar in silent recognition of a shared condition; and it’s there in the alchemical flash when a hand extends to turn a stranger to a friend. It dances at the edge of our imagination, blooming from discarded seeds where the Earth is fertile and unbound by superimposed grids of pipelines, crosswalks, and borders. It’s there in a lover’s embrace, in the glittering moonlight, in the birth of a child—there at the wild frontier where chaos breeds potential.

When everything else has been commodified and consumed, categorized and incorporated, it remains at our periphery, waiting only to be believed so it may be seen for what it truly is—the world we know is possible.

This handbook has been written just for you— just for all of us. It is written with both somber recognition of our compounding global crises and ecstatic embrace of the vision we share. It is a toolbox for radical transformation, its contents customized to adapt to the historical and emergent needs of our communities. While each of us come to this work with diverse backgrounds and unique personal histories behind us, it is a single inquiry that drives us forward in our journey: How can I do the most good in pursuit of a world transformed?





“A soulful, solid blueprint for how to actualize our deepest visions for a better world – and how to walk the walk with love in our hearts hand in hand with community by our side.”
- Alina, We are Supernatural in Brooklyn, NY

“…Having a blueprint for how to motivate and engage in movements is a critical tool to have.”
-Participant of The Purpose Summit San Francisco Purpose to the People Workshop

“A Handbook for Radical Transformation!…How impressive (that) these organizations have partnered and provided realistic materials that are easy to use and share….I left feeling encouraged and with so much admiration and respect. Thank you for all you do.”
-Participant of The Purpose Summit San Francisco Purpose to the People Workshop